Zoo Video Conferencing

Dickerson Park Zoo and the Discovery Center are collaborating to offer zoo classes to schools via videoconferencing. Each class is presented by a zoo staff member and will include several live animals.

Animal Awareness
Learn about the characteristics of mammals, birds, and reptiles, as we compare and contrast these animals. We’ll discuss traits as modeled by our live zoo animals. (Pre-K-2)

All About Birds!
Learn about these feathered animals and their unique features. Birds can be classified by beak size and shape, body size and shape, and even foot size and shape. We’ll learn about these grouping and meet some of the zoo’s birds and use them as live models for learning. (1-5)All About Reptiles!

We’ll learn about these scaled creatures as we use zoo animals to model their amazing features. Learn about the five classes of reptiles and discover the great diversity in reptile morphology. Physical and behavioral adaptations will be discussed. (1-5)

All About Mammals!
What are mammals? What makes them different? We’ll talk about these things and learn how to classify mammals based on certain characteristics. Fun mammal facts will be presented as we check out some mammals from the zoo! (1-5)

Endangered Animals
Animals play a very important part in this world, but some animals’ existence is threatened. Find out why and what we can do to stop animal extinction. (5-12)

Animal Families
Learn about family groups and structures and how animals raise their young. (PreK-2)

Your Wild Backyard
Our backyards play a very important role in conserving nature. Learn about all the animals found in our backyards, as well as how to attract them and build a healthy backyard habitat. (PreK-5)

Cost and Scheduling:
Classes are $150 per videoconference. Classes should be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance. To book a video conference or for more information call the Programs Coordinator, 417-862-9910, ext. 726, or visit Discovery Center’s Web site.

For more information about education programs at Dickerson Park Zoo and outreach programs for schools and organizations, please contact the Education Department by phone, 417-833-1570, or by email.