Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Download these fun Zoo Scavenger Hunts for your next visit to the Dickerson Park Zoo.

Activity Sheet_3-4_Career CornerScavenger Hunt

Insect Scavenger Hunt

Bird Scavenger Hunt

Endangered Species Scavenger Hunt 1

Suggested Activities for Grades 3 and 4

Activity Sheet_3-4_Amazing Animals

Activity Sheet_3-4_Career Corner

Activity Sheet_3-4_I Spy

Activity Sheet_3-4_New Discovery

Activity Sheet_3-4_Nighty Night

Activity Sheet_3-4_Whats on the Menu

Suggested Activities for Grades 5-7

Activity Sheet_5-7_Animal Neighbors

Activity Sheet_5-7_Animal Tracks

Activity Sheet_5-7_Career Corner

Activity Sheet_5-7_Classification

Activity Sheet_5-7_Observation Info

Activity Sheet_5-7_Vet Assistant Calculations

Activity Sheet_5-7_Wild Wild Wolves