Malayan Tiger

Scientific Name:  Panthera tigris corbetti
Range and Habitat:  Forests of Southeast Asia
Size: Females average about 250 pounds and males about 350 to 400 pounds. Total length including tail ranges from 7½ to almost 9½ feet.
Life Span:  About 15 years; up to 20 in captivity
Gestation:  103 days; litter are typically three or 4 cubs
Wild Diet: Primarily deer, antelope and wild pig but also larger animals like buffalo and smaller prey such as monkeys

Zoo Diet: Carnivore meat diet

Habits: The Malayan tiger is one of five surviving tiger subspecies. There are approximately 1,000 to 1,800 in the wild today. There are approximately 60 living in zoos throughout Asia and the United States.

Tigers move well on land, but are also good swimmers and may bathe or sit in the water to cool off. The stripes are effective camouflage in a grassland or brush forest environment, and also break the outline of the body on simpler backgrounds.

In the wild, tigers are generally solitary animals. Cubs remain completely dependent on their mothers for at least 18 months. Females will allow
cubs to precede them at a kill.